Oh Kiefer, why?

Seriously, can you believe this crap? Not to be too harsh, but damn man. If crap could take a dump, this is what would probably come out … ok, maybe that was harsh. Retracted.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there really is something there. Maybe the filmmaker is trying to paint some sort of Dorian Gray-like metaphor about how the mirrors show us the physical burden of age and sin from which Kiefer has been spared, ultimately asserting itself as his conscience and hounding him with the knowledge of some sort of wrong he may have committed … or they could’ve just said “Fuck it, get me Jack Bauer and The Ring: The Director’s Cut!”

Either way, I’m pretty sure the only way this thing could be salvaged for me is if Jack spends the last half hour running around blowing stuff up and shouting things like “We have to find the detonators!” and “Damn it, Chloe! I need more time!” or “I can’t believe they let me out of jail to film this crap!”


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